The suspense is killing me. Well, maybe not killing me but it (or the rain) is giving me a headache. Not to worry. Thanks to my old Richmonders, I know what to do: get some “crazy water crystals.” I just “take a teaspoon of this crazy water crystals, it came from Texas or somewhere, drink it in a glass of water and it would cure anything.” OK…but if that didn’t work, there was always Max’s Medicine Show, in the field where the CVS at Boulevard and Broad now stands.

“They had a stage and they put on a show. They had a black face comedian and tell jokes and I think they sang and danced. This guy was good. He’d get up and he was selling medicine. He had something wrong with everybody. This medicine would take care of any kind of ailment. He knew what he was doing. And after he got through talking, these people on the stage that would have these, I don’t know what you call it, a rope around it with the bottles of medicine in it (describing some kind of display box) and they’d sell them for a dollar a bottle. They used to buy it, too. And they gave out prizes, too.”

OK! Now this is more like it! So I get rid of the headache (or shingles or broken arm or whatever else ails me) AND I get a prize! Just like Kickstarter! REWARDS! All right, I’m not going to buy crazy crystals or whatever swamp water Max was selling in his medicine show but I am going to send rewards to all of our backers when we reach our goal…by tomorrow. I have FAITH. Oops, faith healers is another story in On the West Clay Line. For now, I’ll drink a cup of hot tea for the caffeine and pretend it’s crazy crystals that will cure anything. Even a shortfall between our pledges and the goal. Better than crazy crystals, backers can cure anything.

The link to our kickstarter project is

The deadline to reach our goal is tomorrow, Sunday, October 20th. If we don’t reach it, we get nothing. If we do, it allows me to keep on working to index, preserve, identify and tell the stories of Harry Stilson’s photos and the folks of Richmond. Take a look at the project, please. Thanks!

Doctor's Office

Doctor’s Office