Gas Bill

Is this a hoot or what? I don’t just have Stilson photos…I have STUFF. Letters, journals, invoices, all the paper documenting life in the early 1900s. This utility bill illustrates the disparity between amenities then and now. From my book, a Morris Goldberg quote about going to the bathhouse: “I used to go every Friday. It was 3 cents for children and 10 cents for adults. You got a towel and a little bar of soap. Hot water wasn’t so easy to get.” Wesley Carter said: “We didn’t have any gas, had a big tub, had to heat the water. In a family, had seven boys in the family, can you imagine?” No, I cannot. But maybe my book will help us imagine what life was like when ice was delivered daily and baths were taken weekly.
I hope I won’t have to take a bath on the printing of this book. We’re close to the goal but Sunday is coming fast (right after Saturday night baths). If you think the images and stories of Richmond in the early 1900s should be shared, back us. No, not wash my back! BACK us. When you do, you’ll feel just as great as the guy in the picture above.Oh, yeah, and after Sunday I can get back to the places and photos of Richmond for Richmond Views that you’re used to seeing.

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