Memories are strange things. Recently I was referred to a 95 year-old woman who grew up in Jackson Ward. I took my projector and flash drive and started showing pictures on her wall but she couldn’t tell me when she was born or where. I reminded myself that even if she coudn’t help me at all, I could share pictures of her childhood with her and it would be a good day. So I described what I knew about each picture and the show went on.

Then the image of a little girl popped up and this very old lady pointed at it and said “I remember that child. She was a playmate of mine.” I asked if she recalled her name (which I knew because Harry had thankfully written “Miss Rubin Lee Moore” on the back of the photo.) She answered “Rubin Lee Moore. Her parents were Earnest Lee and Sadie Moore and they went to Hampton Institute with my parents.”

THIS is why I write the books and make the presentations anywhere I can. Because of a Harry Stilson photograph, a dear old lady whose memory is failing rapidly was transported to the days of babydolls and jacks, when she was a little girl with parents who loved her and “Uncle Earnest and Aunt Sadie” who brought Rubin Lee over to play. 

Thank you for being part of the project that will put these memories into the gnarled hands of aged residents of Jackson Ward and transform them into the little boys and girls Harry photographed nearly 90 years ago. If you can share this project with friends, please do. You’ll be rewarded in ways far beyond books and note cards.

We have five days to collect pledges to meet our Kickstarter goal or we won’t be funded (translation: we get nothing). Please check our project out by following this link: