Thought I’d give you the updates posted on our Kickstarter project in case you’re not following our progress there. With 8 days left to collect pledges of nearly $4,000 or we receive nothing, the clock is ticking and we’re asking everyone to pass our project on.

The link is

and here is Update #1: Nancy Drew Reporting In

The Great Harry Stilson Adventure continues! Got a request for a picture of the oldest house in Church Hill and started sifting pictures. Instead, after only three hours or so, we found that the picture we thought might be that neighborhood was actually Leigh Street and Moore Street Church from some place really high up (?…another mystery…where?) AND the gas tank (“big thing, not as big as a block, but big”) mentioned in oral histories in the book! To viewers other than Richmonders, this might not make sense but Church Hill is where St. John’s Church (of Patrick Henry’s Give me Liberty speech) is located, the gas tank was a landmark within Jackson Ward and this kind of information is priceless in identifying where the Stilson photos were taken and matching the places with people, many of whom are asking me, “Do you have a picture of my great-uncle?”

The image was reversed so we didn’t recognize it until I said “Hey, it looks like Hood! Try that area.” Not Hood Temple AME Zion but in scanning the area, we thought…what if the picture is reversed? Tricky, Harry, mighty tricky!

This is the Nancy Drew stuff I’m doing every day. A local television station is going to put a Stilson picture on their site every Thursday for people to identify or find out about it. That’ll help…having a city full of detectives helping me.

As for pledges, we’re getting there. Thank you for the pledges you have made and don’t forget to add the link to our project to anything you can. With 3,000 pictures to restore, preserve and identify, ALL help is gratefully accepted. Meanwhile, the sleuthing goes on.