This is a plea for any of you who read this and enjoy it to pass the word on. If you’ve gone to Richmond In Sight’s website or come to a presentation, read my first book or just seen articles or shows about what we’re doing, please read the following and post a link on whatever you use. Thanks!

Publishing my second book, “On the West Clay Line,” Stilson photographs, accompanied by oral histories, is a project on Kickstarter. We need help getting the word out so people can visit the page, watch the video and decide if they would like to back us.

Please follow the link below and see what we are talking about. If you like the project, would you share the link on Facebook, google + and other online social networks? The book will have over 140 photographs and amazing stories in the words of historic Jackson Ward lifetime residents. There is a list of special rewards for “backers” that may entice you to join us in this venture. You’ll see when you visit the project.

The link is

We are excited about the book, the Kickstarter idea of “crowd funding” and being able to share these with you. Thank you for being part of Richmond In Sight. We hope you find it interesting and a good item to share with your networks. Thanks!