Sure as you’re born (does anyone say that anymore?) you’re going to get invited to attend a wedding or two this summer. Also guaranteed is that at least one of them will be outdoors, in a park most likely. All three of my kids got married outside. Patrick and Holly chose Chimborazo Park , Anne and David celebrated in a sweeping field with their reception in the barn and Molly and Jonathan had a gorgeous (if logistically challenging!) wedding at Pocahontas State Park this past Memorial week end. The Overlook was stunning, overshadowed only by the bride and her bridesmaids. The groom was pretty cute, too.

Molly Jonathan-Ceremony-0106

It’s not difficult to understand the appeal of making your promises surrounded by the glorious colors and sounds of nature. Richmonders have been doing just that for a long time. Maymont Park is a popular locale for weddings and the Stilson movies include a segment among the flowers there. It’s easily recognized by the Italian Gardens in the background. Here’s one of his pictures that my grandmother hand-colored for him. The colors may not be distinct in this copy.

Maymont view

Chimborazo Park today looks exactly like it did when my great-aunt Vera enjoyed the view around 1918. The metal benches in the background still offer a pleasant respite from the stress of urban life and probably have held a bride or two over the years. With several pretty sites to choose from, brides may have to sit and ponder which setting she wants for her vows.

Vera at Chimborazo
I’ve supported the idea of restoring the Pump House building below Dogwood Dell as an incredible venue for weddings and hope the dream will be fulfilled before my grandchildren are looking at wedding locations. You’ve seen pictures of the Pump House here before but go visit sometime. It’s a lovely location and you can imagine the music drifting out into the night air. Romance personified.
No matter the location, weddings are a special part of our lives and it seems fitting that couples promise a lifetime of love in a setting that promises a lifetime of beauty. Richmond offers an astounding number of parks…good for all the weddings we’ll be celebrating. See you there.