Here’s my last report on the water tower, I expect. Saturday I stopped by (one guy said “I wondered if you’d be back again!”) to beg again for a piece of our school history. We took more pictures of the tower being dismantled as well as video and asked more questions. In response to “where is it going?, they haven’t sold it yet so we don’t know. I have the phone number for Mr. Crisco, one of the workers, so I’ll try to find out where our tower ends up in its recycled life.

He showed me a grate-like thing and said it was “to keep people from climbing the water tower”.  I gently said “I hate to tell you but it didn’t work.” He laughed and agreed. OK…here’s the really cool part.  They gave me that piece as well as a 5’x3’ piece of the tower for our class reunions. I HAVE PART OF THE HHS WATER TOWER, guys! It will be on display at our next reunion and all subsequent ones until I get too old to haul it there.

For those of you in other classes or those who didn’t make it to the Class of ‘70 reunion a year ago, I recreated our youth throughout the Bon Air Community Center. Outside, a vintage car was parked at the Sunset Drive In (original sign loaned by Steve Snow, class of ’71) with The Ten Commandments “on the screen” because when I wrote a newsletter about old theaters in Richmond, a PILE of you sent me messages about how you watched that movie at the drive in. Yeah, RIGHT.  Also outside was a collection of toys, including a hula hoop, red wagon, jacks, jump rope, hopscotch game drawn in chalk, etc. and a picnic with bikes (playing cards in the spokes). The picnic including PB & J sandwiches on wax paper (bite out of one, of course), Twinkees and Orange Crush drinks.

Inside, each table had a theme, everything  from “electronics” (old radio, record player, records, typewriter, Polaroid camera, etc.) to kitchen with formica counter, old appliances and cook books, even a Chef Boy R Dee pizza mix box. One had books, newspapers and magazines, one showed Viet Nam stuff (MIA bracelet, letters from Viet Nam, etc.), another displayed “vintage” (how dare they call us that!) clothing including a manakin wearing the dress I wore to a dance with Danny Bailey, corsage pinned on it, original florist box, and yeah, pinned to the dress was a picture of me in that dress and Danny with the corsage and box.

The school table included a school desk, original notebooks, papers, and tons of stuff from elementary school to HHS.  The girls howled when they saw the original pamplet they gave out in sixth grade explaining the “facts of life”. Some of us may need a refresher class. The program from Ned Hall’s first stage appearance as Johnny Appleseed at Bon Air Elementary was a special attraction along with other fun stuff.

 I know. Who else keeps all this stuff? My mom never threw anything out and I inherited the sentimental gene.  This is all Lee Ellison’s fault, though. He had a Baby Boomer party at church and asked me to decorate. Well, I took his request a bit far. Afterwards, I packed everything up for the reunion. The class of 1970 enjoyed traveling back to their childhood and youth so it was worth it. We’re going to have a mini-reunion this Spring (I promise) and it will all be set up again.

Enough of a stroll down memory lane. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a picture of me ‘climbing’ the ladder but with my foot in the boot thingie, I was afraid I’d fall on my head ( or my butt) and I don’t have that many parts that are not broken these days. Enjoy the pictures and keep on reading these blogs. They’re all about Richmond views, past and present.ImageImageImageImage