Just an update in pictures of the demolition of the Huguenot High School water tower. These pictures were taken Wednesday afternoon.

I’ve always said Richmond is the smallest town around and I stand by that conviction. Sunday morning I sat beside Levis Crump, my “over 90” years-young friend and I mentioned the water tower. Levis reminded me that he was on the Chesterfield County School Board when Huguenot High School was built and went on to talk about the Norfolk architects who designed the school and other little-known facts. Huh.

Then, last night, my brother Mike mentioned another forgotten part of the early days of HHS. Our cousin, Doug Cowan, came to live with us for a year and he was in the first class at Huguenot. I knew that but didn’t know this…phys ed classes dressed and then went out to the field behind the school where they manned wheelbarrows and shovels to build the track. Slave labor, for sure.

It reminded me of the construction of another Richmond educational facility. Virginia Union was partially built by students who laid the stones and did other manual labor. Of course, the school also had a working “farm” with livestock and gardens and used the income from those enterprises to support the school. I don’t suppose either of these “work programs” would fly in the politically-correct environment of today but isn’t it interesting to know?ImageImage