A meteor shower was supposed to peak at 2:20 this morning and I was there to see it. Actually, I was there to see what there was to be seen but perhaps the moon or other conditions made it difficult to see the shooting lights in the sky. I’m in a pretty rural area so there were fewer obstacles such as lights from the city, etc. but we only saw a few streaks of light.  Even so, to look up into the velvety black sky, sparkling with stars, is an awe-inspiring event all by itself. Add a few meteor showers and you have an really special event. And because I strongly believe that any EVENT deserves a party, it was hot chocolate with whipped cream all around.  I understand that the showers will be visible for the next few nights (til Jan. 12th) so you may want to get up, wrap up and take a look.  Once the moon disappears, the showers start.   Go to www.space.com  for more information on schedules and tips for skywatching.  Maybe YOUR part of Richmond (or wherever you live) will have a better view but, if not, hot chocolate and cookies in the middle of the night is worth getting up for.